The importance of supply chain sustainability

Companies continue to reach their goals and prioritize during these stressful times, the concept of supply chain sustainability is one of the #1 priorities. What’s supply chain sustainability you may ask? Well, this is the supply and manufacturing procedure, which comes hand to hand especially during times like now, Q4 the biggest and most important time of the year for many e-commerce companies around the globe. A solid, sustainable supply chain keeps not only profits but also most importantly customers happy.

How to organize your process

Unless you own a fulfillment warehouse/factory and have a team managing your operations you must fall back on other options for organizing who is going to handle your supply chain. Taking a comprehensive look at your entire process can also highlight areas where you may need improvement. A recent example of this fatal dependence is the fact that the vast majority of the people running eCommerce business through Shopify are still using platforms such as AliExpress and Alibaba. When business owners try to take a step into scaling their business they deal with massive consequences that can become disastrous. With slow shipping times, low-quality goods, and an overall horrible customer experience you are driving your business straight into the ground. Before trying to take your business to the next level and understand the pros and cons of your current supply chain processes, can it be maintained at scale? If not it’s time to look into new options

Being Sustainable is important for your business

Sustainability cannot just be partially worked on and “Almost” or “Kinda” set up in your business. Instead, it should be derived around the operations of your business. Without this, you will struggle to maintain at scale and the customer satisfaction you need to make it in the long run. 

Keep your suppliers in the loop

Using platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress can be a real pain, not only do you deal with the long shipping times, higher COGS, and low-quality goods, you also never have a connection with the suppliers on the other end of the screen going through those types of platforms for your supply chain. Being able to communicate with people who care about your growth and customers is key when looking for suppliers. Companies like Dropship Agent who offer 24/7 customer support, and can actually understand your issues and operations of your business are ideal. Always hold the suppliers you are using to the same standards you have for anyone else in your company. If you have a supplier who is giving half the effort you might as well say bye-bye to your customers because you are going to be digging your business into a deep hole. 

Incorporate innovative technology

Thanks to things like AI, machine learning, and other digital developments like a fulfillment automation app integration, you have more control than ever over your supply chain processes. Companies like Dropship agent have developed pivotal apps for eCommerce owners allowing them to experience a hands-off fulfillment process due to software they have innovated. Not only can you use them to analyze, measure and optimize your operational processes but you can also use them to take a step back and let someone who has done it and knows exactly what they are doing to do it for you. By doing so, you can improve your overall customer satisfaction and drastically improve overall supply chain processes with little to no effort, all by simply integrating software.

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