How a Sourcing Agent Can Help Your Dropshipping Business to Handle the Holiday Period

For businesses around the world, the holiday period is the busiest time of year, especially if you own a dropshipping company.

If you’re looking to scale up this winter – to cope with the demands of the holiday period – you might be on the hunt for a better alternative to using retail services like AliExpress: the go-to supplier for most dropshipping businesses.

While these platforms are a great place to begin your dropshipping journey, in order for your business to be able to cope with a higher volume of orders (20+ per day), you should consider using a sourcing agent, to gain access to a whole host of untapped benefits.

By using a dropshipping agent, you can access products for the lowest possible price.

While retail sites such as AliExpress offer highly competitive prices – hence their appeal to dropshipping businesses – they still need to turn a profit, so the products you purchase aren’t the cheapest that they can be.

On the other hand, sourcing agents connect dropshipping businesses straight to the manufacturer, enabling them to provide the best possible quotes for their clients. Business who use Dropship Agent – a top, Shopify-approved sourcing agent in the US – typically earn 25% more, instantly.

Additionally, a sourcing agent allows your business to benefit from quicker shipping.

Retail platforms like AliExpress offer 2-3 week shipping at best, while sourcing agencies such as Dropship Agent can ensure that your products are delivered to customers within 7-14 days.

As we roll into the holiday period, AliExpress will be struggling to cope with the increased influx of orders, which can result in an even longer wait for your customers. In the past, dropshipping businesses have suffered as a result of AliExpress failing to deliver products on time, gaining the platform a reputation for being unreliable.

On the other hand, sourcing agents make it their top priority to deliver your customers’ purchases on time.

Especially during the holidays, dropshipping businesses have some pretty tangible deadlines to meet; late delivery can ruin customer satisfaction, and damage your customers’ trust in your business – something that’s crucial to avoid, especially in the early stages of owning a dropshipping business.

Sourcing agents can automate your business’ fulfillment process.

A significant advantage to using a dropshipping agent, is that they take care of the entire fulfillment process for your dropshipping business.

Sourcing agents receive, package and deliver products to your customers, and carry out the quality assurance inspections that AliExpress lacks; this makes things markedly easier for sellers, and ensures that your customers don’t receive a faulty product.

Moreover, to aid with your branding, some sourcing agents – such as Dropship Agent – will use custom packaging to wrap your products, before they’re shipped off to their new owners.

Custom packaging provides your customers with the feeling of having acquired a little extra value with their purchase, and helps to solidify your brand image, making your dropshipping business more memorable, increasing the likelihood of future purchases.

So, if you want to prepare your dropshipping business for the increased volume of orders you’re likely to experience during the holidays – and to make the most out of every sale – check out the Dropship Agent website.

Right now, Dropship Agent are offering a free quote for dropshipping businesses dealing with 20+ orders a day.

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