The products win and not the marketers. Hence, even marvelous marketing strategies fail when the product being marketed is not a winning product. Finding and authenticating a winning product can be challenging. 

Let’s delve into 3 established strategies and steps to find a winning product! 

6 steps to finding a winning product using TikTok:

  1. Download the TikTok app from the app store or search for in your browser on your computer.
  2. Create an account and follow other accounts to set the algorithm according to your interests. Learn how the tabs work; scroll through the videos and the comments section to understand how the community works.
  3. On the ‘discover’ tab, search the following phrases to get viral products and related reviews:
  • #tiktokmademebuyit
  • #amazonfinds
  • #coolgadgets
  • #amazonreview
  • #productreview
  1. Filter the relevant and trendy searched results by setting the date posted on the filter menu to ‘Last three months’.
  2. Search for trending videos of winning products with over 100K likes and product reviews by going to the ‘videos’ preset in the menu option. Check for videos with more likes, fewer followers, and comments inquiring where to buy the winning product. Check whether the product is appropriate for dropshipping. 
  3. Source the product by finding it on Amazon; search for the Alibaba or AliExpress Dropship and import the winning product.

6 steps to finding a winning product using Amazon:

  1. Go to Ensure you are not on the ‘best-selling products’ tab.
  2. Browse categories like ‘Electronics’ or ‘Books’ to search for potential winning products.
  3. Find the reviews of the products from categories that excite you. The higher, the better! Authenticate the product you find; check for shipment ease, sellers, and good reviews.
  4. Go to AliExpress/Alibaba Dropship for dropshipping; search for the product to find your winning product. 
  5. Repeat the steps with other categories, namely ‘Most Gifted’ or ‘Best Sellers’.

6 steps to finding a winning product on Facebook:            

Winning products and trends could be found through Ad spuing on Facebook.

  1. Search for on Google Chrome web and add it to your browser. Activate the extension by creating an account. 
  2. Reset your Facebook Ad history to turn Facebook Ad Data. Go through the following steps:
  • Go to Settings.
  • Your Facebook Information.
  • Off-Facebook Activity.
  • Click ‘View’ to clear your Facebook Data.
  1. Open your ‘Facebook’ home page and refresh the browser turn on the Ecom Radar by clicking on Extensions, then on Ecom Radar, and then sign in.
  2. Look for competitor ads on the feed and search for winning products with more than 1K likes. Do further product validation research and saturation after getting a product with traction.
  3. Go to AliExpress/Alibaba Dropship for dropshipping; search for the product to find your winning product. 

       Things to look for further Product Validation.

  1. Shipping cost and time? Try to get the items’ shipping as low as possible or free or add the shipping cost to the selling price.
  2. Check for weight as lighter/smaller products are convenient for dropshipping or add the cost to the selling price.
  3. Make sure to make quick real dbol for sale create human with stem cells price comparisons. Ensure the markup pays for the ad cost and yet, generates profits.
  4. Natural validation analyzes the product’s demand, need, and market value.  


        Determining a product’s saturation.

Put up a search on Amazon to determine product saturation; scroll through to       know how many people are selling the product or how many of your products are for sale. Unclear product results mean the product is saturated. 

You may use Chrome extensions like ”Saturation Inspector’ or ‘Keepa’, which enables you to look through the product’s price history. Steady or fallen product prices are indicators of whether the products are saturated or not. 

           Where to source the products from?

  1. Use AliExpress and Alibaba Dropship to quickly source and find cheap products. The shipping is prolonged and expensive, though, with difficulty facilitating quality control. 
  2. Source quality products from the US or your country to benefit from cheap and quick shipping with quality control. Yet, it is harder to dropship, and higher price items are generally shipped.