15 Tips to Create an Amazing Shopify Store in 2022

1. Provide plenty of Payment Options

A payment gateway is the most important thing to think about with a Shopify store because you want to get paid, right? So make sure you have as many as possible! 

There is a correct and incorrect way to do this. You want to provide enough payment options, so you don’t drive away customers, but you also want to keep things simple and streamlined.

2. Use Free social platforms!

Platforms like Tiktok are amazing at getting eyes on your brand! One video is all it takes! ls available to track the success of your ads.

3. Have an SEO Blog

if you are not too interested in the paid advertising and marketing direction, you could usually pass for the “low and gradualapproach of ranking relevant sentence the usage of SEO

Helpful articles packed well with SEO keywords can help you entertain, enlighten, and fill your wallet with each article you create. an blog is an outstanding way for you to connect with your clients and show them that there may be an real person behind this shop. people buy into people, not into stuff. Use SEO tools like Google keyword Planner to select keywords and gauge competitiveness.

4. Make the Store SEO Friendly

Since we’re on the topic of SEO, we need to talk about the store and website itself.

If you sell scuba diving suits and you go off on a rant talking about lawnmowers on the main page of your website, that will obviously not help you rank for people looking for scuba suits. You want to keep the content on your website congruent with what you are selling.

Use Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro for keyword research.

5.Optimize for Mobile

Business Insider says that 65% of all online shopping will get done via mobile in 2021.

 this is no surprise to everybody because more and more people are stepping away from the computer and doing the whole thing on mobile-friendly apps. if your Shopify dropshipping shop is not designed around the mobile experience, i will almost guarantee you are losing sales. 

You need to optimize for mobile-first and make sure your site looks and works incredibly on all devices.

6. Consider Free Shipping

Everywhere you look, someone is offering free shipping, and you need to do the same thing.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Lowes, everyone has free shipping with little restrictions.

7. Spy on Your Competition

If you see brands in your niche doing well, take notes! See what they are doing that you could improve on. 

8. High-Quality Photos

This one is pretty self explanatory. The higher quality your product photos are, the higher perceived value they have!

The only way to do this is through clear, high-resolution images that pop.

9. Don’t Forget Refund and Money-Back

Everyone always looks for your refund and money-back policy. Make sure you offer a generous one, and it is clearly stated all over each product description.Typically 30 days from when the product is delivered is a good return window. 

10. Have a Great Customer Support Team

In my opinion, this is a huge deal breaker. If I reach out to ask a question, I expect a quick and thorough response. Make sure you are responding to all emails or inquiries within 24 hours. It makes a difference! 

11. Push for Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the best forms of social proof! People are more inclined to buy something if they see that others bought it and had a good experience. Encourage customers to provide feedback after making a purchase. 

12. Keep Product Titles Simple

I like to follow the KISS method, Keep it simple stupid!

13. Don’t Copy Descriptions

As easy as it may be, never copy a description exactly. You want to stand out in the crowd and be unique!

14. Utilize People’s Pain Points

Products that solve problems are immediately easier to sell. When you are explaining the benefits of your product, make sure you be clear about how it solves their problem. Find the product on a website like Amazon and find the most common complaint, use that in your description.

15. Pay Attention to Load Times

People are impatient. If it takes longer than 5 seconds, something needs to be fixed!